Thursday, November 6, 2008

And I Am Telling You...I'm NOT Going...

As you can imagine, I've had a lot on my plate this week in my political life AND in my (gasp) real life. But I want to let you all know that I will be blogging and sharing thoughts and resources for Moms in the future. I'm taking a few MUCH needed mental-health days and will be returning next week ready to move forward.

In the meantime, I want to offer a brief pep talk for those who need it (if you're reading this, you probably do.). I'm 31 years old and I've never cared about an election as much as I cared about this one. John McCain is a true hero to America, and to me. But I'm going to live for many, many years. I will live under good Presidents and bad ones. Ones I like and ones I don't like. Ones who do a great job and ones who double my blood pressure medication. The world goes on turning, and the sun will rise tomorrow. (Unless, like me, you're in Seattle, where the current weather suggests I should be building an ark.)

It is important and necessary to grieve. We had an outstanding candidate, and he lost. That stinks. We will experience all the stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It is okay and healthy to go through that.

But as I have said a million times before, ACTION is the antidote. As McCain himself said, if you find fault with your country, make it a better one. My goal in months and months of work on the blog and forums and groups has been to create resources so anyone who wants to do something positive and constructive has the opportunity, no matter where you live, what your lifestyle is, what your financial status is.

We conservative-moderates are not 'suddenly' a minority voice, we have always been a minority voice in a world where 90% of the media are human beings who share different ideals. The difference is now we are a minority voice with fewer advocates on the front lines. That simply means more of us "regular people" - yes, Joe the Plumbers - have to put down the plunger and take up the cause of liberty. It means we have to shout instead of whispering. It means we have to do our homework and have facts to make our case (because, yes, some people actually are interested in those). It means we have to unite and help each other, share resources and ideas, unite behind basic principles and stop 'sweating the small stuff.'

I will return next week with some exciting NEW resources for all of you, and I want to sincerely thank the many wonderful readers and friends who continue to encourage me. In the meantime, please visit Let's Get This Right, a social networking mecca for conservatives and home to lots of great links and resources.


Tiffany said...

Yes, we all need a rest! Thanks for keeping your blog going!

mommiesout said...

Hey, I finally joined your site! You are a great writer! I guess you are taking a sabbatical. I believe you deserve one. I hope that the McCain's and the Palin's and everyone involved that changed their lives for this cause also are taking time off to regroup. This has been a rough week. I felt like I was in mourning. I did email McCain and Palin to thank them. I've asked Palin to please run in 2012. Let me know what your plans are. It sounds exciting. I am so proud to know a lady (although be it online:0) who had such a heart for this election and really did do something to try and make a difference. You're awesome! Thanks!

kellieboyle said...

Hi Jean,

I'm so glad to have been among the 20,000 who found inspiration on your blog. You know, the GOP is in DESPERATE need of new voices in the party -- you would be a wonderful spokesperson for all of us "disenfranchised" voters! hahaha
I've already begun recruiting new activists for the party -- in Virginia, we've got a gubernatorial election in 2009, so there's no time to dally. A "big umbrella" of committed and tech-savvy activists is what we need. Hard to believe that when I worked at the RNC in the 80's, we were far ahead of the Democrats technologically. Obviously, we haven't made many upgrades since then!
I hope you continue to explain and inspire -- and if I can do anything to help promote you (I'm in P.R. in Washington, DC), I would be most happy to!
Many thanks,
Kellie Boyle
(Hockey Moms for McCain-Palin)

Brad Marston said...

I am not going to share any links...Jean has already done that and I hope she will do so again.

I will say that I was proud to be associated with MomsForMcCain and I think we did some good work.

Sometimes the Victory is in the taking part.


Warmest Regards,

Brad Marston