Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama supporters' fraud against disabled voters

We've all heard stories about shady dealings, coercion, bribery, and flat-out fraud when it comes to this year's election. Sadly, this impacted a fellow McCain Mom this week when her disabled adult son was brought to the polls without her knowledge or consent, where an aide 'took the liberty' of filling out his ballot (which he would not have been able to read). Brenda in Iowa writes:

My son was politicized!! I live in Iowa. I have a disabled 26 yr old son. I have never registered him to vote because 1. He is not mentally capable and 2. He couldn't read a ballot. He lives in a group home with others like him. They the homes staff registered my son to vote. When I found out I told them that he is NOT allowed to vote. I find out today they took him to vote and a home staff member told him who to vote for (Obama) and was actually the person who helped him vote. I am livid. They tell me it is his right and the law. They knew I would probably 'get him' on election day so they took him to vote early. I am shaking so bad right now. The staff used my son and others for political gains.

Folks, this is NOT a partisan issue, this is unethical, immoral, illegal, and just plain wrong. If it had been a McCain supporter cheating for votes I would feel the same way and would demand punitive action. The fact that this young man, given the opportunity to vote as he chose, very well may have chosen McCain, just makes this a more frustrating situation.

If you're the parent of a disabled or 'vulnerable' adult, I urge you to look into the appropriate ways to have them participate in the process, and discuss your preferences and theirs with caregivers. I urge bloggers, website owners, and others to share this story and let everyone know we WILL hold accountable people who exploit volunerable citizens for political gain.

Please report instances of voter fraud or unethical behavior to the McCain Campaign and to your local Secretary of State / Board of Elections (leave a comment if you need help finding resources).

I know Brenda would appreciate your supportive comments too, I should note that she is a longtime McCain supporter and mother of a deployed soldier. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin reports that this is happening nationwide and is alarmingly common. Please help get the word out!


Dan said...

Before Pope Benedict came to America to celebrate Mass in New York and Washington, it was revealed that as a young boy in Germany he had had a cousin with Down Syndrome. One day a Nazi doctor came and claimed his cousin for the Third Reich. Taken to be “cared for” at the “hospital” young Joseph Ratzinger never saw his cousin again: one of the host of “useless eaters” marked for extermination by that brutal regime.

My wife and I operate St. Joseph’s House, a daycare and respite care home for handicapped children. As it happened one of the children we care for, a wheelchair bound young lady, was chosen along with three other handicapped folks to carry the gifts up to the altar before the consecration at the Mass at Nationals Stadium in Washington D.C. on April 17, 2008. One of these was James, a 30ish man who works in the Officer’s Club at Andrews AFB. James has Down Syndrome. He was chosen to carry the large host which would become the Body of Christ lifted up before the assembled. As James with great ceremony advanced toward the Pope, his native enthusi­asm overcame his reserve and he started to run. Simultaneously the Holy Father leapt from his chair and walked towards James with his arms out­stretched. We have a picture of this moment which I cannot look at without tearing up. What did he see as he gazed so lovingly at James? I believe he saw his cousin. I believe he saw the face of Jesus. And I believe that his great prayer as he elevated that host on that impossibly beautiful day was “As long as you did to these the least of my brethren, you did it to Me.”

The next day April 18th, a boy was born to of all people, the Gover­nor of Alaska. They named him Trig.

A Mom for McCain said...

Dan, that is a beautiful, beautiful story!! Thank you so much for sharing it! I believe nothing is a coincidence with
God and all these people are brought together at this point in time, in this point in history, for a reason. It is also no coincidence, I think, that Sarah Palin's birthday, Feb. 11, is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, through whose intercession much healing from God has occurred.

God bless- Be happy. Us plus God is always a majority